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Mental Constipation

It is so tough to sit here and write a blog post.

I don’t know why.

I used to be able to just spew out some stream of consciousness thoughts and edit it into a coherent post, or at least start with a point to make and write.

Not so much anymore. And I’m not sure why.

The funny thing? It’s not that difficult to write this. For whatever reason, these words are flowing.

It’s probably mental constipation. It’s been such a long time since I’ve written regularly – whether it was on this blog or content for Junger Media or otherwise – that I’m just having a hard time getting going.

I want to write. I enjoy it. It’s tough to find the time for it.

There’s so many things that take up my day-to-day time, from working to parenting to trying to stay healthy – and did I mention we bought a new house this summer? And that it’s a huge fixer upper, with almost an acre of overgrown land that needs to be weeded?

Like marketing my business — which I always want to do more of — writing is one of those things that inevitably ends up on the back-burner.

It sucks, because I really enjoy writing. But if I can’t find the time to do it on a regular basis, then the mental constipation kicks in. The less you write, the more difficult it becomes.

I’m sure I’ll be back with another post sometime in 2016. I’ll see you then.

PS. After writing this, I decided to Urban Dictionary mental constipation … and there it is.

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