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The Secret to a Successful Blog Isn’t a Secret

I’m a bad blogger.

No, I didn’t do anything bad with my blog, like plagiarize or defame someone (or is it libel? I can never remember). But I recently got an offer to sell Automatic Finances, the blog and ebook I created in 2009 and sort of stopped posting to in mid-2010. (I’m not selling it, but that’s another story.)

It got me thinking, though, that I’ve done all the right things to have a successful blog: great content, great people contributing, a great topic, a great community and plenty of ideas. But, like this blog, it’s missing the one thing that builds on that success: regular posts.

It’s so easy to give up on a blog, or to become inconsistent in posting, or just push it to the back-burner for the time-being.

The longer a blog exists, the more value it has, especially from a Google/SEO perspective. And the real shame is that — and this is 100% true for Automatic Finances — most blog owners give up on their blogs right around the time the site starts to gain traction in search engine rankings. (I have no research to back that up … just conjecture. But it sounds right.)

If I had simply continued posting on a regular basis, the blog would have snowballed. More content, more comments, more dollars, more visitors, etc. It’s not a 100% ROI — doubling your posts doesn’t double your revenues — but it is all about momentum. The more you build on it, the more it produces.

There’s no secret to a successful blog, but it’s almost guaranteed that if you produce, so will your blog, either in revenues or traffic or comments. Keeping at it is the hard part, and it’s the part we tend to fail at the most.

I certainly can’t promise that 2011 is going to be a banner year for me blogging. I would like it to be, but it’s certainly very easy for life to get in the way.

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  1. Jason,

    Great post. You are absolutely right too…life can so easily get in the way. I think it is quality over quantity that will prevail ultimately…and certainly have that part down. I actually think that all the duplicate and low quality mega quantity stuff out there is sad. Blogs like yours get my vote! Cheers ~Norma

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