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This Week in This Week in Tech: Genius

I’ve always had a ton of ideas, you know that.

Mentioned previously, I had the idea for a podcast about the best podcast in the world — Leo Laporte’s this WEEK in TECH. It’d be pretty meta, chatting about the actual podcast, the panelists and their takes on the tech news of the week.

Coincidentally, this was right around the time that my friend Noah Wolfe was looking to launch a D.C.-based tech podcast, which eventually became Tech Blab, featuring myself, Dave Weinberg and Noah.

So in addition to Tech Blab, Noah and I launched TWiTWiT — aka this WEEK in this WEEK in TECH.

It’s a short (5-9 minute) podcast, where we go back and forth with thoughts on this week’s episode and talk about our favorite panelists. (His is Leo, mine is obviously John C. Dvorak).

We’ve done 10 episodes so far, but the real pickup is just beginning.

Last week, Jason Calacanis — Internet entrepreneur known for Engadget, Mahalo, TechCrunch50 and often a panelist on TWiT — sent out this tweet to his 80,000+ followers:

GENIUS: This Week in This Week in Tech. The show about the show This Week in Tech! #twit

That gave us a nice pickup, both in downloads and subscriber numbers. But Calacanis wasn’t done, sending out this tweet a week later:

Listening to “this WEEK in this WEEK in TECH” brilliant! @leolaporte #twit #twist #oaf #facebook #wow

He’s timed both of these tweets perfectly, driving people to subscribe the day that we record the show, just in time to deliver the new episode the next day.

While we’re still waiting for Leo to directly say something on the air about us (hopefully the next time Calacanis is on he’ll bring it up), it’s always nice to hear that your idea (and of course the execution — Noah does all the hard work editing and posting) is both genius and brilliant.

Have you subscribed to TWiTWiT yet?

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