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Same Blab Time, Same Blab Channel

I have an argument that I am going to make about why net neutrality is a bad idea as it is currently being pushed through Congress.

It’s controversial, will definitely stir up some comments, and — in my humble opinion — a win-win situation for both service providers and customers.

But I can’t write it right now. It’d be like a major brain dump, into a post, with no coherent path to lead you through.

So I’m not going to write it. Right now.

But I will soon, since I want to be able to discuss it on next week’s episode of TechBlab. You know, the podcast where I make fun of Blogger Bob, the guy who writes on the TSA’s blog, and end up getting called out by a listener — and the TSA themselves!

While you’re waiting, listen to the episode. It’s a good one. And let me know what you think.

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