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It’s Time To End the Membership Site Craze

Is it just me, or is everyone and their brother trying to get rich launching a membership-based teaching site?

You’re right. It’s not just me.

But I am tired of it. The people trying to start these businesses — especially targeted Web-savvy Internet entrepreneurs — are already behind the eight ball.

If you’re not familiar with these types of sites, here’s how they normally do it:

  • See that people are making money selling programs that teach freedom, automated income and Internet success
  • Coin a new phrase, like freedom rockstar or 4-hour business, to describe what you offer
  • Connect with other ninjas and set up an affiliate program, boasting about how you’re so generous to share your success with everyone else, for only $99 a month!

Look, if really had an automated income stream that allowed you to live a life of complete freedom, why are you investing so much time in a for-profit business?

You’re not that nice, trust me. If you were, you’d give your program away for free. You’ve already got the money you need, right?

Oh, no.

Quite honestly (if I wasn’t being honest enough), I gave major props to one of my favorite Web entrepreneurs, Brian Clark of Copyblogger, for starting this craze. He managed to develop the model, market it and profit from it before everyone else jumped in the market.

And then he moved on to develop the next big thing. That’s brilliance.

You don’t always have to be first in the market to be the best, but it doesn’t hurt to own the market before the competition arrives.

The market has been saturated. It’s time to end the program.

But seriously. If I see one more training program promising me the world, only at $99 a month, or all of my contacts on Twitter and the blog world whoring out the same product, I’m unsubscribing.

For real.

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  1. Well put Jason.

    I’ve gone from low tolerance to intolerance when it comes to this same sort of stuff.

    If they’ve already raked in all the cash they could ever want, and want to share their amazing story, put up a free blog and tell us all about it, otherwise, put the shut to the up.

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