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Confession: I Like Fox Business Network


Yes, believe it or not, I enjoy watching the Fox Business Network.

I know I’m only one of like three people who watch it, but it’s actually pretty enjoyable. While there’s a significant focus on stocks and the market, they do a decent job of talking more about companies and business than, imho, CNBC.

They don’t really cover politics, which is good, but they obviously get it into it when necessary (like the proposed stimulus package, or the presidential candidates’ views on taxes). And yes, there is the famous “fair-and-balanced” perspective, but I consider it more sensationalist journalism than right-wing mongering.

We’ll see if the channel has a significant lifetime, but given the number of cable channels that should be dead (and aren’t) and Rupert Murdoch’s big pockets, I’m guessing it’ll be around for awhile.

Flame away.

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