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One More Thought On Personal Branding

Apparently, my post on personal branding caused quite a storm. Which is definitely a nice reaction, even though it wasn’t really my intention.

The funny thing about my description of all of the brands that make me up is that I missed one of the biggest ones.

Last Saturday night, I’m playing in a poker game when Phil Bak, author of the great Boras Blog, asks me why I didn’t list “personal finance blogger” among my brands.

Duh. I can’t believe I forgot that.

I’ve been running personal finance blogs for the past 3+ years, and I didn’t even remember to list it.

But it proves my point. It’s impossible to have one brand that you can apply to every context of your life — unless your brand is simply your name.

When it comes to the brand that is Jason Unger, I rule Google. And that’s pretty much all that matters.

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