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Keeping Clean In Order to Get Things Done

As I’ve been realizing my changing priorities and outlook for the future, I’ve been coming back to one word that defines my nature: clean.

I like things clean. Not just free from dirt clean, but simple clean, too.

For this blog, as I looked over themes galore to find one that I really liked — and would continue to like in the future — I needed it to be clean. The design had to be simple. Not overwhelming. Nice use of colors, but not too much.

(FYI, I’m using a self-enhanced version of the GimpStyle theme.)

At home, I tend to clean up a lot. Not because the place is overly messy, but because I like it to be clean. In fact — and you can ask Debbie this — whenever I’m in a bad mood or mad about something, I tend to clean. Don’t ask me why. I just do it.

My desk is normally pretty clean. I have a great glass tabletop desk, with my iMac, all-in-one printer, cordless phone and pen tray. But then there’s my big-ass laptop sitting there, which doesn’t really belong on the desk. But I always end up using it for something.

Penelope says that having a messy desk can hurt your career — and points to FBI data that says “people with messy offices are less efficient, less organized and less imaginative then people with clean desks.”

I think I need to be clean in order to get things done. That seems like common sense, though, right? The less you’re distracted by all the stuff out of place, the more you can do.

Maybe that’s why I’m sitting in the dark right now. So I can’t see the mess in my office while I write this.

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  1. Awesome post Jason.

    Similar to you, I need my productivity zone to be free of distraction, clutter, and the non-essential.

    I’ve begun running my entire life this way, clearing away this and that in the name of simple-hood and essential living.

    Props for the super clean blog theme. Nice work.

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