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Your Blog Needs You, Not Just Your Words

There are just some blogs I hate reading. Specifically, ones written by people who write like

  • they have authority, but don’t.
  • they’re experienced, but aren’t.
  • they’ve perfected the system, but haven’t.

Somehow, the blogosphere has turned in to a world where people have to find a niche and they have to be a leading voice in it, even if they come off as complete phonies.

Don’t waste your time. It’s not worth it. I’ve tried.

You can learn all you want about a particular subject, re-package and relay that information to an audience, but if there isn’t a piece of you in it, you’re unlikely to succeed.

Are You Opening Up to Your Readers?

While the Internet is truly an amazing way to learn, it’s even better at connecting with people.

Blogging gives you a way to share your stories with a community of readers. It gives you a way to connect with people across the world. And it gives you the opportunity to show a different side of your personality.

There are a number of things I’ve written in this blog and others that I don’t normally share offline. It’s not because of any particular reason — it’s just that the medium allows for you to organize, manage, and edit your thoughts.

My goal here is to share my experiences, pass along what I’ve learned, and interact with you. I won’t sit here and tell you that you should do the same, but you at least need to be honest with yourself — and your readers.

You can’t truly connect with your readers if you are not sharing your experiences in your posts. If you have no experiences or thoughts, what are you writing for?

Your blog needs you, not just your words.


  1. at this point, i’m not entirely sure how i stumbled onto your lifestream but i appreciate your outlook on putting your “other side” out there – especially when i know you primarily for your 9-5 gig. i think you have done great things with the ce pro site, but i wish more people in the industry would embrace the opportunities the social web offers and interact more.

    i’m amazed at how many people in the blogosphere “echo chamber” are social media experts. i get 100 people retweeting chris brogan’s content when i’m following him in the first place. rarely do i come across people who do what he does rather than redistribute what he does. that’s just one example, but i believe it speaks a bit to your point here. he uses personal experiences to get people thinking about their interactions, online and off. not many people are successful at making that connection work.

    i don’t think those who blog need to be an authority, but they sure as hell need to be passionate. whether it’s about 24, spreading good karma, or the custom electronics industry.

    – rebeca (a.k.a. one of the middle atlantic products crew)

  2. junger (Author)

    Hey Rebeca – thanks for the comment.

    There are way too many social media zombies out there – the chris brogran re-tweetists – who aren’t adding anything to the conversation. I think these are the same people I’m talking about. Instead of contributing their experiences and their lessons learned, they just phony up like they are the expert.

    Nice blog, btw. And thanks for the kind words re: cepro.

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