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3 Mainstream Media Podcasts Doing it Right

It’s easy to hate on the mainstream media, especially in an Internet age where most companies don’t understand Web publishing.

Newspaper sites don’t write Web headlines. Magazine sites think people care what issue a story is from. And TV networks? They just think we’re all pirates.

But there are a few broadcasters with mainstream podcasts that are getting it right — and believe it or not, they’re actually worth watching.

NBC Nightly News w/Brian Williams
Almost immediately after each day’s broadcast, the NBC Nightly News is available commercial-free as a podcast. It’s not a special “online” edition — it’s the entire show, sometimes even updated when the West Coast edition has something new.

We’ve talked about Brian Williams and the shift in media before, but what makes this broadcast interesting a day “late” is that it isn’t really that late. While there’s obviously news from the day, a lot of the content is timeless — so if I watch it a day or two later, it’s still worth it.

Anderson Cooper 360
AC 360, iTunes’ “Best new podcast” last year, doesn’t feature all two hours of Cooper’s nightly news program, but it’s the first podcast I watch every morning. Running about a half-an-hour an episode, it normally has the latest news from the previous night.

Beyond the news, Cooper and newsgal (and former TechTVer Erica Hill) seem to speak to the Internet generation — they’re not old and stogy, and love to laugh at videos of bears falling out of trees.

They also incorporate their daily blog contests — The Shot and Beat 360 — into the podcast, which are lighter fare.

Meet the Press
NBC also gets it right with Meet the Press, which it offers in its entirety, also without commercials.

Obviously, things have changed a bit since the show lost host Tim Russert, but since the show has never been about breaking news, it can be watched at any point during the week without feeling completely out of the know.

What mainstream media podcasts are you watching?

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