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If You Can Tweet It, Why Blog About It?

Twitter is the best tool for getting information on the Web. I don’t say that lightly, but it’s designed exactly for how we interact with the Internet.

We don’t read online. We especially do not read long content. So limiting what you have to say to 140 characters forces you to get right to the point — a great way to practice your Web headlines.

Add in the fact that you’re getting content from people you trust, and Twitter becomes an amazing way to get and convey information.

But as a Web publisher, Twitter puts you in a predicament: if you can get your message across as a Tweet, why bother blogging about it?

Penelope Trunk argues that Twitter is for a different side of you — not necessarily your blog face. “If you express yourself in the same way on a blog and on Twitter, then you don’t need both,” she writes.

Brian Clark said Twitter “may well be the end of Copyblogger,” but instead of sending out tidbits on copywriting and online marketing, he tweets a lot of quotes.

They say Twitter is about conversations, but in reality, it’s about delivering valuable content to your followers.

I just finished a book recommended to me on Twitter. I’ve suggested a site about moving scams to Chris Pearson, who was looking for a mover. And I’ve helped convince Davis Freeberg to sign up for Vonage (though I didn’t get a referral, darn).

Penelope is right — Twitter is for another side of you: the shorter, more-to-the-point side. I was thinking about writing a blog about Leo Laporte’s new TWiT Live, but I could say it in less than 140 characters, so I tweeted it instead.

The people who subscribe to your blog and the people who follow you on Twitter do it for one main reason: they’re interested in what you have to say. (Forget for a moment the trolls who follow everyone just to be followed.)

Don’t fret if you find yourself Twittering more than blogging. It’s not that big of a deal.

As long as you’re delivering useful content to your audience, everyone wins.

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