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In New York For Usability Week 2008

cab.jpgI’m gonna make it there. Well, actually I’m already here. In New York, that is.

I’m spending Thursday at the Writing for the Web seminar of Usability Week 2008.

Put on by the Nielsen Norman Group — yes, as in Jakob Nielsen, the guy who provides a ton of super-informative content in his Alertbox postings — Usability Week has four stops throughout the world. Well, it’s silly for me to talk about it — find out more about it here.

While I can’t credit all of my Web knowledge to the stuff Nielsen teaches, I’ve always found a way to improve my delivery with his research.

I’m hoping to get a little more “formal” education on content presentation and publishing, considering pretty much everything I know I’ve garnered through experience doing it … not formally learning about it.

Even though I only graduated from college 3+ years ago, it’s not like there was a Web journalism path. The only Web publishing class I ever took consisted of people learning Microsoft FrontPage.

Yeah, exactly. The name of that program just shows how little Microsoft (and many still today) understand about how online publishing.

PS. To my friends in New York who I may not have told I was coming in to the city, I apologize — but I’m only here for the day and driving back home when I’m done tonight.

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  1. lennie

    The exact workshop caught my eye–I’m toying with the idea of attending the one in Melbourne. Not too sure how to convince the bosses, though. Did you learn much and was it worth the price? On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate it?

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