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We Got An iPhone: w00t

diphone.jpgI’ve been wanting to post about this for awhile, but now I actually can: Debbie got an iPhone for her birthday on Tuesday.

Last week when I was in Boston, AT&T starting selling refurb 8GB iPhones online … for $249.

Her cellphone contract with Sprint is up, but we had pretty much decided to wait until the 3G version came out (in June, so says Kevin Rose). But at $350 less than when it first came out … it was a no-brainer.

So now, she has an iPhone. It’s sweet, obviously.

As she was playing around with it, she commented on how the novelty of it won’t wear off. She’s absolutely right, but it’s not the novelty … it’s the practicality. We always find ourselves wanting to find directions or stores or a piece of info when we’re on the road; now, we can.

The Wii is a novel gadget — fun to play, but gets old after awhile. Using the iPhone won’t. (Plus, she can check facebook from anywhere.)

We’re heading out to California for a week-long vacation in May, and having fingertip access to the Internet while on the road is going to be huge. That alone is worth the investment.

Since it looks like AT&T is no longer selling the units online, I’d say it was a pretty sweet deal. If we decide to upgrade her to 3G in the future, we’ll figure it out then … but I’m just trying to find a way to get out of my Sprint contract (one year left … anyone?) without paying up the wazoo.

PS – with the new SDK, it would be HUGE to have a Vonage app for the iPhone. That way we could make calls using our home number on the iPhone — it wouldn’t waste minutes and be a great option if AT&T service is as bad as Sprint’s in our place (we don’t get any Sprint reception). VoIP is coming — Vonage, please get in on it.

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