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The Problem With Digg Users: You Can't Leave

Digg users are huge fanboys — that’s a given. But they’re so loyal to the site that they won’t leave it, even when they get banned and buried.



Tamar Weinberg lists a number of problems with Digg, suggesting that no one pay the $300m asking price the company is shopping itself for.

People getting banned from the site seems to be a regular occurrence (my entire office got banned for digging from the same IP), but they all seem to want back in.

Is Digg more of a crack to people than Facebook?

Why can’t Digg users find another site to share social news? There’s a huge market out there, and for start-ups like Mixx, there’s an opportunity to become an early power user.

Digg users, don’t become blinded by an allegiance to the site. Obviously, the folks behind it seem to want out.

(You can still watch Diggnation even if you aren’t a regular digger. It’s OK.)

(img: Adam Tinworth)

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