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Home Again: Finally Settling In

After making the big move down to DC two weeks ago, we barely had any time to settle in.

We moved in on a Thursday, went to Philadelphia for the weekend (with a stop in Harrisburg on Sunday), then back down to our new place.

But that’s not the end of the traveling — while Debbie stayed home, I flew out Monday to Long Beach, Calif. to cover EHX Fall until Friday. So for the first week and a half in our new place, I spent a total of two nights here.

Thankfully, the traveling is over for now and we’re starting to settle in. There are plenty of boxes still to be unpacked (mostly books, since our new place does not have the wonderful built-in bookshelves we used to have) but we’re getting there.

We’re all connected with the Internet and TV and phone, which is crucial considering we have absolutely no cell phone service inside. It works perfectly out on the porch, but inside the phone basically blows up.

Sounds like an excuse to get an iPhone, right? Stay tuned …

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