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Free Promotion to a National TV Audience

Promotion is a big deal. Any marketing person will tell you that, but even development and idea folks know that half of the success of a product is getting it in front of the correct eyeballs.

There are plenty of free ways to promote your content online, but the other day, I came across a great example of free real-world promotion.

As I was eating my breakfast before heading out to work, I had the Today Show turned on. You know that segment where weatherman Al Roker stands outside, talking to the people lined up by the gates? He asks them where they are from, who they want to say hello to (and on this day, why a particular woman was wearing a cheesehead).

But behind the cheesehead and the normal crowd of folks was a guy wearing a shirt with his company’s logo — a paying blog service called PayPerPost — and getting right in the way of the camera. That’s national exposure, folks.

While the idea surely isn’t new, it is smart. However, it seems pretty obvious that a pay-per-blog service may not be reaching the right people through promotion on the Today Show. I don’t necessarily know a better outlet where the same free promotion is available, but like the marketing people say — coverage is coverage.

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