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Maximize Product Development, Not Number of Projects

One of the biggest problems that I have with product development is that I’m constantly working on multiple — in most cases, too many — projects at the same time. Having multiple products is great for increasing your chance at VC funding, but only if the products are all fully developed.

It doesn’t help that I constantly have ideas for new sites and new projects to work on. But this is something that I need to get over, and anyone trying to develop multiple products should keep in mind, too.

For some reason, when you’re working online, you tend to think you can work on a lot more than you can in an offline job. Maybe it’s because none of the products are tangible? I’m not sure.

It’s sort of like the Getting Real methodology promoted by 37Signals. Say no. Work on fewer projects, and make them better.

It’s all about making that one good product or doing that one thing that makes a difference — not blowing out your project until you forget what you’re trying to do.

I need to prioritize what I’m working on, and concentrate on that.

On a side note, sorry for the lack of posts. We were out of town for a long weekend, and didn’t get home until 1:30 this morning.

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