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The Keys to Success Haven't Changed Over Time

We know that product development doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time for any good and lasting thing to happen, and that’s something that hasn’t changed over time.

Nowhere is this better shown that a recent post from Get Rich Slowly, who quoted the 10 Secrets of Success from author J. Paul Getty’s “How to Be Rich.” Some things, despite the passage of time, never change.

I won’t re-hash every secret — you can view them here — but the ones relevant to my journey are:

1. Almost without exception, there is only one way to make a great deal of money in the business world — and that is in one’s own business.

3. A sense of thrift is essential for success in business. The businessman must discipline himself to practice economy whenever possible, in his personal life as well as his business affairs. “Make your money first — then think about spending it,” is the best of all possible credos for the man who wishes to succeed.

5. A businessman must run his own business.

6. The businessman must be constantly alert for new ways to improve his products and services and increase his production and sales.

7. A businessman must be willing to take risks — to risk his own capital and to lose his credit and risk borrowed money as well when, in his considered opinion, the risks are justified. But borrowed money must always be promptly repaid.

There’s nothing different when it comes to being an “old-fashioned” entrepreneur or an online entrepreneur. The planning, risks and development are all very similar.

Sure, the details are different — but the ideas are the same, and will be the same years down the road.

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  1. I know it sounds simple to say that a businessman must ‘run’ his own business – however it’s so easy just to fall into a pattern of going with the flow. Remember to run your business by intention and not reaction!

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