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Goal: 5 Straight Days of Adsense Earnings

Inspired by recent good news over at Twenty Steps, my second goal for the blog is to have 5 continuous days of earnings from my Adsense ads. The jury is still out on my first goal of having 75 RSS subscribers in two weeks.

I’m relatively new to optimizing and, well, making money from Adsense, so this goal is a big step. Although I’m obviously looking to make money, I’m also looking to see whether or not the ads that I am using are the right size, placement and style to maximize my earnings.

Adsense TOS won’t allow me to ask you to click on my ads, and I’m not doing that in this post. But I feel that I am putting out enough good content to warrant decent traffic and, as a result, some Adsense earnings.

So while I’m not going to ask you to click on my ads, if you want to post a trackback to or blog about one of my posts, that’d help me be on my way to achieving my goal.

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  1. I think that’s a good goal to aim for although the problem is, of course, that you’re only in partial control as you’re totally dependent on traffic to the site and subsequent clicks.

    I’m up to 12 days now but none from the main Twenty Steps site. I think the problem there is the intended audience. Generally speaking I think fellow web publishers are less likely to click on any ads unless it’s something really special. All of my clicks have come from satellite sites which are not even remotely connected to Twenty Steps.

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